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Discover the latest from the waters and wilds with Captain John's personal fishing and hunting reports. On this page, Captain John shares detailed accounts of recent trips, offering insights into the day's conditions, catches, wildlife encounters, and unique experiences. Each report is a treasure trove of information for enthusiasts and novices alike, providing valuable tips, intriguing observations, and the occasional thrilling tale of the one that didn't get away. Whether you're planning your next adventure or simply indulging in the joys of the outdoors vicariously, Captain John's reports are your window into the heart of Arizona's natural splendor.

We got these questions a lot. Is there fishing near Phoenix Arizona? Does Arizona have good fishing? Is Arizona good for hunting? Arizona is a prime location for both fishing and hunting. Near Phoenix, there are ample fishing opportunities, including unique bowfishing experiences offered by Days In The Wild Bowfishing AZ. The state's diverse aquatic habitats provide excellent fishing adventures. Additionally, Arizona's rich habitats make it an ideal destination for hunting, with Days In The Wild Bowfishing AZ offering a blend of traditional hunting and the distinctive challenge of bowfishing.

Days In The Wild provides a diverse range of outdoor activities tailored to adventure enthusiasts. Our bowfishing trips, spanning 4 hours at $675, accommodate 2 guests for an immersive experience. For those new to the sport or looking to hone their skills, we offer specialized bowfishing lessons priced between $200 to $250, varying with the duration. Additionally, we organize exhilarating hunting excursions targeting species like Bobcat, Coyote, Gray Fox, and Mountain Lion. These hunting trips are available in two formats: a 4-hour adventure for $400 and an extended 8-hour journey for $700, each including 1 guest. Join us for these unique and thrilling experiences in the wild!

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